Why Work with Now Business Finance?

Sometimes the banks just can’t and won’t help!

We hear of the type of banks that like to say Yes but official figures quoted suggest that lending for business in 2019 and beyond is still not anywhere near the amount that UK business needs. More and more businesses are turning to Professional Commercial Finance Brokers and peer to peer lending platforms to fund cashflow shortfalls that would traditionally be covered by standard bank lending and overdrafts. Statistics have recorded that as many as one in 3 businesses fail to gain any funding at all.

Why Now Business Finance? 

Now Business Finance are finance professionals, operating for many years with a wealth of experience in assisting UK Business who require finance and lending. We have a unique understanding of the complexities of running a small and large business and how important it is to manage your Cashflow effectively. At critical times, when you require essential working capital Now Business Finance is here to help you swiftly and efficiently.
What do we offer:

  • Incredible market knowledge and understanding
  • Totally independent of all lenders giving you the best, unbiased service
  • Friendly but professional at all times
  • Rapid response times, lending and drawdown sometimes arranged in 1 hour
  • Eye for detail
  • No hidden fee
  • 100% confidentiality

Don't delay contact Now Business Finance today to secure your business funding  - asset and invoice financing, property and bridging loans 

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